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Landscape Painting with Palette Knives

Cottage, Puddledub

This workshop is available to adults over the age of 18. Over 3 consecutive Fridays, we will explore a range of techniques that we will use to create a series of landscape paintings. 

  • Day 1 (11th March, 0930 to 1530) - Marks and shapes: We will explore the range of marks that can be made using palette knives and how they can be combined to create shapes in landscapes.

  • Day 2 (18th March, 0930 to 1530) - Colour and contrast: We will explore the use of colour to create different tones and how this can be applied to highlight the subject in your paintings.

  • Day 3 (25th March, 0930 to 1530) - Composition and construction: We will look at how to compose a painting and how to successfully build up the final painting using the techniques of Days 1 to 3.

On each day we will paint 2 landscapes.


You will need to bring:

  • Three 20x20cm canvas boards

  • Three 30x40cm canvas boards

  • A selection of palette knives - sets of plastic palette knives are widely available and are great for trying them out

  • Acrylic paints. A set of paints is a good starting point. If you prefer to buy individual paints, the following will give a good range:-

    • 1 red (e.g. crimson alizarin),

    • 1 yellow (lemon, cadmium or process yellow)

    • 1 green (e.g. viridian, Hooker's or permanent green middle),

    • 2 blues (e.g. cerulean or cobalt plus ultramarine or Prussian)

    • 2 earths (e.g. yellow ochre and burnt sienna)

    • white

All of the above are available at Northwich Art Shop where Phil will be happy to advise on any aspect of it. Palettes, water tubs, rags, kitchen roll and table coverings will be provided.

Tea and coffee will also be provided, but please bring your own mug. Please also bring your own lunch.

Remember, this can be messy so please wear suitable clothes.

Friday 11th March
From 0930 to 1530
Friday 18th March
From 0930 to 1530
Friday 25th March
From 0930 to 1530

Rangers Station,

Marbury Country Park,

Marbury Lane CW9 6AT



(including Eventbrite booking fee)

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River Weaver
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