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About me 

I am a landscape artist originally from Fife in Scotland and spent a good number of years travelling the world as an engineer.  I also whiled away many a  meeting and long phone call doodling.  So much so that colleagues commented that I was wasted as an engineer.  Eventually, I took the hint.

From the very first time that I exhibited some of my work, people commented on the different styles on display and some wondered if the work could be all from the same person.  While working in different styles keeps me entertained and generally means that there will be something to meet most tastes, it does make ordering a collection awkward. Most, though, feature Scottish landscapes as wild places are my main inspiration. 


I don't really have a favourite medium.  You will see examples here of paintings in oils, acrylics and watercolour.  I do enjoy trying new ideas so what you don't see (yet) are some of my other experiments in ceramics, stone and wood carving as well as more surreal and abstract subjects.  

If you would like to get in touch with questions, comments or are interested in a painting, you can contact me at:

Drawing a crowd

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