In That Moment
Fading Light
There Should Be Snow
Ripples (Achnahaird)
Old Man
Looking Forward
A New Year with new challenges! This year I am planning a series of three painting workshops to take place in March.  The idea is to provide participants with an opportunity to explore the use of palette knives to create landscape paintings.  On each of the three days we will explore different aspects of landscape paintings and use palette knives to paint 2 landscapes.  If you are interested, have a look at the link below...

Douglas Hutton


If you found this site by searching for "Douglas Hutton artist" please be aware that there are two artists called Douglas Hutton, both originally from Fife.  If you were looking for the one based in Ireland, please take a look at some of the gallery entries that will have come up on your search.  If you were looking for the other one (me) please take a look at his work anyway.  There are not many Douglas Huttons and we need to stick together.